Kavli Colloquia

The Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft organizes a Kavli colloquium four times a year, in April, June, September and November.

Future events
Erwin Frey LMU München LMU München 04 April 2019
Kavli Day 2019 05 September 2019
Past events
David Awschalom University of Chicago University of Chicago 18 October 2018 David Awschalom
Kavli Day The excitement of starting a company The excitement of starting a company 30 August 2018 Kavli Day
Tim Mitchison Harvard University Harvard University 14 June 2018 Tim Mitchison
Hagan Bayley University of Oxford University of Oxford 29 March 2018 Hagan Bayley
Amir Yacoby Harvard University Harvard University 23 November 2017 Amir Yacoby
Robbert Dijkgraaf Princeton Princeton 07 September 2017 Robbert Dijkgraaf
Alain Aspect Institut d' Optique Graduate School Institut d' Optique Graduate School 29 June 2017 Alain Aspect
Markus Aspelmeyer University of Vienna University of Vienna 02 March 2017 Markus Aspelmeyer
Kavli Day Robbert Dijkgraaf Princeton Univeristy Princeton Univeristy 07 September 2017
Steven Block Stanford Univeristy Stanford Univeristy 01 December 2016 Steven Block
Kavli Day workshop Fraud is closer than you might think in our nanoworld! Fraud is closer than you might think in our nanoworld! 08 September 2016 Kavli Day workshop
Charles Kane University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania 30 June 2016 Charles Kane
Kathryn Moler Stanford University Stanford University 03 February 2016 Kathryn Moler
Hendrik Dietz TU Munich TU Munich 05 November 2015 Hendrik Dietz
Uri Alon Weizmann Institute Weizmann Institute 10 September 2015
Jack Szostak Harvard University Harvard University 26 June 2015 Jack Szostak
Laurens Molenkamp University of Würzburg University of Würzburg 16 April 2015 Laurens Molenkamp
Seth Lloyd Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology 06 November 2014 Seth Lloyd
George Whitesides Harvard University Harvard University 11 September 2014
Eric Betzig Janelia Farm Research Campus Janelia Farm Research Campus 12 June 2014 Eric Betzig
Hongkun Park Harvard University Harvard University 03 April 2014 Hongkun Park
Paul Alivisatos UC Berkeley UC Berkeley 31 October 2013 Paul Alivisatos
Hans Mooij Kavli Day Kavli Day 12 September 2013
Charles Marcus University of Copenhagen University of Copenhagen 13 June 2013 Charles Marcus
Wolfgang Ketterle MIT MIT 07 March 2013 Wolfgang Ketterle
Bonnie Bassler Princeton University Princeton University 22 November 2012 Bonnie Bassler
Angela Belcher Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology 13 September 2012 Angela Belcher
Kostya Novoselov University of Manchester University of Manchester 28 June 2012 Kostya Novoselov
Ben Feringa University of Groningen University of Groningen 12 April 2012 Ben Feringa
Petra Schwille Dresden (Biotec) Dresden (Biotec) 08 December 2011 Petra Schwille
Paul McEuen Cornell University Cornell University 22 September 2011
Stephen Quake Stanford University Stanford University 23 June 2011 Stephen Quake
Ali Yazdani Princeton University Princeton University 14 April 2011 Ali Yazdani
Stefan Hell Max Planck Institute Göttingen Max Planck Institute Göttingen 16 September 2010 Stefan Hell
David Nelson Harvard University Harvard University 24 June 2010 David Nelson
Immanuel Bloch LMU München LMU München 15 April 2010 Immanuel Bloch
Michael Roukes Caltech Caltech 11 September 2009 Michael Roukes
Anton Zeilinger University of Vienna University of Vienna 05 June 2009 Anton Zeilinger